Private Investigator in Israel

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Gal Investigation is a highly professional and experienced provider of consulting and private investigations services, specializing in Private Matters, Trade, and Business Intelligence in Israel and world wide.

The firm specializes in collecting and delivering relevant information and updated data for both commercial and private use. The information is being harvested by one private investigator or more, and\or with the use of advanced technological means, according to the specific need of each case, all aimed to deliver the clients with the most accurate data.

The office hires certified and widely experienced private investigators. We make sure to provide each client with the most adequate and trustworthy service of discreet probe. We have a variety of solutions and advanced means adapted for the most inquired subjects quested in the commercial and private sectors.

The Private investigations world is full of magic and mystery, but in reality it's not glamorous at all and far from Hollywood's blockbusters.

In order to become a private investigator in Israel one must go thru a specific path that includes a long internship and training period of 3 years with close supervision from an authorized trainee office.  After this training period the candidate may take the official private detective exams under the strict supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Justice and the enactment of the Private Investigators and Security Services Law, 5732-1972

Only after passing successfully the internship and certification process one can get his private detective license from the Ministry of Justice. All private investigators are legally required to renew the license annually.

This field of activity is very sensitive and requires special personal and interpersonal skills such as high inner ethics, integrity and respect to others, even to the subject of the investigation.

Private investigators work is based mainly on surveillance and various data collecting. He uses both "traditional" techniques such as talking to people undercover,   looking for registered information in open sources, on the Internet, in social networks, digital media and other legal databases.

The modern PI use advanced and sophisticated technological accessories as smart cameras, eavesdropping devices, micro recording equipment, and other spying equipment.

Technical equipment is not enough in order to be a good private investigator. He needs to have a creative mind with outstanding thinking, great memory for details, high improvisational ability and excellent intuition, common sense and patience

The work of private investigator is more than finding affairs and unfaithful spouses it has much more

It's true that one of its first and main issues is personal, domestic and family cases such as affairs and Infidelity, tracking suspicious activity of spouses, concealing property of one party etc' lost people and disappeared relatives, abducted children and cases requiring discreet information and more

In other cases that needs full secrecy PI job is to conduct business, financial and commercial investigations. Starting from collecting financial data related to a business entity or a specific person.

Finding Info relating to the disappearance of funds and assets, beneficiaries, locating hidden accounts (banks in Israel and a broad), locating smuggled assets and property.

Commercial investigations focus on organizational aspects such as risk management finding embezzlement, fraud and theft of employees, examination and implementation of protection options against future risks, through risk survey and implementation of security procedures on all levels including web crimes and cyber violence

To find the suitable Private Investigator agency it's crucial to check its prestige and experience. This is the reason that approaching "Gal-Investigation" people can be safe and sure they are going to get excellent service and professional results