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Gal Investigation is a highly professional and experienced provider of consulting and private detective services, specializing in Private Matters, Trade, and Business Intelligence in Israel and world wide.

A Private detective is in fact the same as Private Investigator; they both act quietly under covered to find personal info and evidence in discreet cases. A Private detective manages to find data and facts that people are trying to keep under the

The art of delving into things, finding facts, and analyzing information about legal, financial, and personal issues is not as easy and appealing as it sounds and not everyone can become a private detective.

The private investigations field in Israel is subordinate to the Israeli Ministry of Justice and is acting upon the enactment of the Private Investigators and Security Services Law, 5732-1972.  

Privaye Detective

In order to become an authorized licensed private detective one must meet the law's criteria and follow a certain path. First the candidate must be over the age of 18 with no criminal record. The first requirement is a long internship and training period of 3 years with close supervision from an authorized trainee office. After this training period the
candidate may take the official private detective exams.

Only after passing successfully the internship and certification process one can get his private detective license from the Ministry of Justice. All private investigators are legally required to renew the license annually.

In order to open a private investigation office the authorized PI must work for 5 more years in an authorized PI office before he can take private clients on his own. The law is very strict about this experience period and a new PI is not entitled to
receive jobs from private customers

A private investigation office or agency offers varied services, including:

 Personal issues such as confirming affairs and Infidelity, verifying people's backgrounds, tracing missing persons, tracking suspicious activity of spouses, concealing property of one party etc'

 Business related offense, economic and financial aspects. Collecting and locating financial data related to a business entity or a specific person. Info relating to the disappearance of funds and assets, beneficiaries, locating hidden accounts (banks in Israel and a broad), locating smuggled assets and property

 Commercial investigations – issues related to organizational aspects, examination and disclosure of embezzlement, fraud and theft of employees in the organization, examination and implementation of protection options against future risks, through risk survey and implementation of security procedures on all levels.

 Investigating computer crimes, Cyberbullying and cyber violence – Including: verbal violence, shamming and humiliation on Social Networks and the Internet, locating and identifying violent and abusive elements that threaten a person or institution.

• Conducting criminal investigations – finding evidence and concrete information about committing crimes and criminal offenses. From "white collar" cases, extortion and threats, violence within the family, abuse of children and the elderly, and other serious offenses that require thorough and discreet examination.

The private detective's work is mainly carried out through surveillance and information retrieval by various methods. He uses both "traditional" elements such as open sources of information, on the Internet, in social networks, digital media and in various legal databases and also advanced sophisticated technological accessories. And above all he needs creative thinking, great memory for details, high mprovisational ability and excellent interpersonal communication, intuition,
common sense and patience.

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   072-395-0752   כרטיס ביקור - חייגו אלי 

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